Health Safety and Environmental Management System

The objective of our HSE Management System is to provide a scheme of work and the tools to manage the issues that continue to evolve HSE quickly and easily while meeting the high standards of HSE performance and expectations of both our clients and the authorities . The objective of our HSE management system is simple - we do not want any of our employees , contractors , clients, or visitors to get hurt , we do not want to have damage to the equipment and we also do not want to damage the environment.
and following our objective:
1. provide adequate control of the health and safety risks arising from our work activities;
2. consultwithouremployeesonmattersaffecting health andsafetyemrekaeitherinthe field orin the office;
3. minimize our impact on the environment through careful selection and proper implementation of the materials, procedures and processes used on the site.
4. always ensure safe handling and use of substances;
5. to ensure that all accidents, incidents and near misses are reported so that they can be thoroughly investigated and control measures put in place to prevent recurrence;
6. provide information, instruction and supervision for our employees;
7. always ensure all our employees are competent to do their tasks, and to give them adequate training;
8. to take precautions againstpotentialaccidentsandcases ofwork-relatedillness;
9. maintain safe and healthy working conditions;
10. alwaysreviewingandrevisingthesepoliciesarerequired periodically.

Health, Safety and Environment Policy Statement (HSE POLICY)

Long-term of the success of PT. PesatServisIndustri depends on the ability to improve service delivery and continuous improvement as well as to protect employees and the environment in which they working for. To achieve the aims, the management is committed:
1. Meets all customer requirements and other requirements including K3L (HSE).
2. Creating and applying consistently minimize health and safety aspects of the environment in the course of their activities.
3. Management is willing to provide the products / services effectively and efficiently to deliver customer satisfaction and exceeding customer expectations.
4. Improve the ability of all employees to support the activities and business development.
5. Management is committed to continuously improving (Continual Improvement) Quality Management System, Safety, Health and Working Environment.


Toensure thehealth, safetyandenvironmentare maintainedand/orrepaired, then allof ouremployeesmust:
1. co-operate with supervisors and managers on health, safety and environmental matters;
2. not interfere with anything provided to safeguard their health, safety and environment;
3. take reasonable care of their own health, safety and environment; and
4. report all health, safety and environment