By following the development of the power generation industry, Rapid Insustri service provides a range of solutions with a high-tech inspection can provide several advantages , namely : Real -time inspection with welding, inspection faster, Improved weld quality, absence of harmful radiation exposure, which is a very significant time savings and a significant reduction in the cost of the overall project .

OIL & GAS instalation

By following the rapid development of the industry at this time we have been providing innovative inspection technology solutions for various industrial installations in the oil and gas exploration to exploration downstream to upstream. We use some of the conventional inspection technologies to the equipment with the latest technologies such as ( UT Phased Array, Automatic UT ) that can replace Radiography NDT method that can certainly lower the cost for the Production and Phased Array UT and UT Automatic very realm of the environment does not use radiation sources which can harm both workers and common people around. PSI also provides Advanced NDT methods such as UT Long Range and Smart Ball Inspection can detect rust to reach that far though both the pipeline and the pipeline of production to be able to minimize the time the results are accurate and can be viewed directly on the monitor screen. And there's more our inspection method for monitoring corrosion as Incotest( Insulated Component Test ). For all purposes mengsupport good for her promotion in Onshore and Offshore Lifting Inspection services PSI has the scope of work for the examination of lifting equipment ( Lifting Gear ), Steel Basket, Offshore Container, lift inspection for aircraft engines and Load Test which we live and work with the safety and quality in accordance with the applicable standards and procedures . PSI has OILFIELD services which include RIG Inspection ( Crown Block, Tower, Stand Pipe, Drawwork, Mud Pomp, Sub Structure & Handling Tools ) To achieve our vision and mission of human resources PSI has always put professionalism and quality of the results that we produce are always referring to the Standards and Procedures in accordance with the application in the field of work and all the work we always put service Quality , Health , Safety & Environment ( QHSE )